Friday, September 17, 2021

Essential Tips for Fall Lawn Maintenance from a Professional Lawncare Company

Do you want to keep your lawn lush and green before winter sets in?

Are you wondering how to take care of your lawn during the autumn months?

Keeping up with lawn maintenance during the fall is essential for preserving your grass through the winter. 

Be sure to keep mowing to a height of 3 inches until the grass stops growing. 

Consider aerating and dethatching your lawn—fall is a perfect time to do so!

Make sure to fertilize your lawn! Grass goes into a high-absorption mode in the fall to prepare for the winter months. This makes September and October a great time to give your grass extra nutrients to help it thrive through the winter.

Fall is also a good time to take care of weeds. Weeds also go into a high-absorption mode to prepare for the winter, meaning that any weed control you use will be more effective. Many weeds undergo a second bloom and drop another round of seeds in the fall. To protect your lawn, dig them out or use herbicide before they bloom.

Looking for Lawn Care Companies in Livingston County?

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