Monday, April 17, 2023

Best Tips for Spreading Fertilizer this Spring

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Ready to make your lawn a green oasis? 

Spring fertilization is the first step to your greenest grass, so you want to make sure you get it right. Follow these fertilizing tips for foolproof lawncare. 

1. Get the timing right.

Make sure you need to wait until soil temperatures reach 55° Fahrenheit. You can check temperatures with a probe thermometer or wait until the grass starts growing. 

2. Broadcast it.

We recommend applying fertilizer with broadcast spreaders over drop spreaders. They are easy to use and spread your application farther to help you overlap rows and avoid a stripey yard. 

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You can trust your professional lawn care in Howell to us at Ever So Green. Whether you simply want some professional support or you want to leave all your lawn care to us, we’re ready to help you achieve your grass goals! 

Don't DIY Your Lawn - Hire Professional Lawn Care in Howell!

We specialize in lawn care services that will provide you with a beautiful, green, and healthy lawn:

  • Full Fertilization Program
  • Fertilization with Crabgrass Control Application
  • Fertilization with Broadleaf Control
  • Summer Fertilization with Spot Weed Control
  • Mid-Summer Fertilization
  • Full Fertilization with Broadleaf Control
  • Turf Winterization

Partial programs and individual applications are available. Service months may vary with weather conditions. New customers receive a 5 percent discount for full program prepayment.

Saturday, April 1, 2023

Choosing the Right Fertilizer for Spring

professional lawn care howell
Want the best lawn in the neighborhood this spring?

You can be the envy of your neighbors with a lush, green yard. The first step to success is choosing the right fertilizer. Follow these simple tips to get it done!

Fast or slow?

Slow-release lawn fertilizers are typically your best choice. The nutrients in these formulas take longer to break down and allow you to spread fertilizer less frequently. You can wait up to eight weeks between applications with slow-release. 

Granules or liquid?

When you’re applying your own fertilizer, granules are the best choice because it makes application easy and cost effective. All you need is an inexpensive spreader!

How much is too much?

When you know nitrogen leads to greener grass, it can be tempting to apply as much as possible. But going overboard on nitrogen will cause your grass to grow too fast and leave you mowing constantly. Stick to the ratio we recommended above and save yourself the extra effort. 

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Hire Professional Lawn Care in Howell!

Want to take the guesswork out of lawn fertilization?

You can’t go wrong when you leave your lawn care and fertilization to our experts at Ever So Green. Let us customize your professional lawn care in Howell to meet your needs. Call us today to schedule your spring fertilization treatment!

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