Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Wait Until Late Spring to Fertilize

If you’ve lived in Michigan for years, you know how rough winter weather can be on your lawn. Months of freezing cold and snow can take a toll on your previously green lawn.

When spring has sprung, make sure you’re prepared with our spring lawn care prep tips:

Clean: When the snow melts, pick up any fallen branches and leftover leaves on your lawn and in flower beds. Rake to give your lawn a lift after the cold weather. This will help promote new growth.

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Lastly, hire a professional lawn fertilization company to take care of your Howell home! Over time, lawns tend to leech nutrients, leaving them deficient. For thicker, greener grass, your lawn needs the right nutrition, and that can be hard to manage on your own.

Hiring a professional company to fertilize is the best option because not only do they know the right type of fertilizer to best feed your lawn, but they’ll manage the proper timing and application that can be hard for the average homeowner to achieve.

Ever So Green Can Help You Achieve Thicker, Greener Grass

Other lawn fertilization companies in Howell may just recommend a product and leave you to do the application on your own, or do a “one and done” job that doesn’t give you lasting results. We’re different!

We create a lawn care program customized especially for your lawn that will give you a green lawn that lasts.

Noticeable results guaranteed! If you are not satisfied with the results of any treatment, simply call us; we’ll make it right. We are committed to quality service and customer satisfaction. Contact us today to get a quote and get started!

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