Monday, October 18, 2021

The Best Fall Treatments To Protect Grass Over the Winter

Wondering how much care your lawn needs this fall to protect the grass over the winter? 

There are convenient options to help you protect your grass this fall. 

Fertilizer is where it starts to keep your lawn healthy, with regular applications at the right times to support your grass growing at its best, and weed control as needed to keep your lawn looking thick and healthy. 

You’ll want to start in spring, do another application mid-summer with some spot weed control, and then fertilize again in the fall.

If you have thin patches of grass, you might need help removing grubs under the lawn, or to have your lawn aerated to prevent soil compaction or a thick mat of roots from preventing a healthy lawn from growing back. Especially if you see thin grass in areas where your lawn receives a lot of heavy traffic, you might need aeration to ensure your grass grows back thick next year. 

Keep cutting your lawn until the first hard frost, because it will keep growing! Make sure you’re not letting it get too long, which can make grass vulnerable to fungi, but don’t cut it too short either, or you’ll damage the grass’s ability to put down strong roots. Two and a half to three inches is just right. 

Make sure that your lawn doesn’t have leaves or debris sitting on it in the fall, as this can choke out grass that may not return in the spring. Rake or remove leaves and debris promptly during the fall. 

Still looking thin? You might want to overseed the lawn in fall and keep the soil damp until new grass germinates so it will come back thicker in spring. Don’t do this too late in fall or too early in spring, or the seeds or new growth could be damaged by frost.

Finally, you’ll want a turf winterization round of fertilizer applied to your lawn late in the fall, in October or November. Giving your lawn the nutrition it needs in the fall will help it grow back healthy and strong in the spring.

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