Monday, May 18, 2020

Get Rid of Stubborn Garden Weeds with Professional Lawn Care

Are stubborn garden weeds making gardening less relaxing and more of a chore?

Have you tried every trick in the book to get rid of these common weeds in your lawn:

  • Dandelions – Yellow, petal-like flowers, serrated leaves, and a hollow stalk. Dandelions spread by seeds that germinate year-round and this plant can have a long, deep root.
  • Crabgrass – Flat, pointed, narrow leaves. The flower heads appear spiky. This spreads by seeds and lower stem pieces that take root deep in your lawn.
  • Thistle – Prickly, deeply-lobed leaves. White, purple, or pink flowers top this weed. It spreads by seeds and root fragment and can grow a couple of feet tall if left unattended!
  • Ground ivy – Rounded, scalloped leaves that look like mint topped with a purple flower. Spreads by seed and above-ground runners that root deep.

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Trust the Lawn Care Professionals in Howell, Michigan to Take Care of Your Lawn!

We specialize in lawn care services that will provide you with a beautiful, green and healthy lawn. Relax and enjoy a beautiful lawn this season while we do the work! We take great pride in delivering expert and professional service to all our customers. Request a quote today to get started!

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