Monday, March 2, 2020

Do I Need to Aerate My Lawn? When to Hire a Professional Lawn Care Company

Aeration is a technique that loosens compacted soil, allowing for air, water and fertilizer to reach the grass at its roots. Special tools (mechanized or manual) perforate the lawn with small, uniform holes that allow elements to move freely through the soil without damaging the grass’ roots.

If you’re going to fertilize your lawn, apply weed control or seed, it is important to aerate your lawn. For fertilizer and weed control, aeration is essential for allowing those compounds to spread evenly throughout the soil. In the case of applying seed, you’ll want to aerate in order to ensure the seeds have ample room for root growth.

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Your lawn may be especially need aeration if it gets heavy traffic, originated from sod, has a spongy feel or if your home is newly constructed. Any of these factors can contribute to heavy compaction soil or the stripping of essential layers. For more information, contact the experts at Ever So Green at 517-518-8523.

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