Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Check Your Lawn Mower Before Winter Storage!

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Is your lawn ready for Michigan’s impending snow?

After the final mow of the season, you should perform a check up on your mower before properly storing it for the season.

Here are five things you can do for your lawn mower before storage:
  1. Replacing old mower blades
  2. Changing the oil
  3. Checking for leaks
  4. Addressing any internal or external issues
  5. Draining any remaining fuel

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Looking for more tips on caring for your lawn during the winter?

Ever So Green has you covered! Our Livingston County-based professional lawn care team is happy to answer your questions. Call (517) 540-1100 or submit a contact form here. For more winter lawn care tips, check out our Learn More page for past articles as well!

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