Sunday, October 15, 2023

Remember to Rake Your Leaves!

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Have you thought about how to prepare your lawn for the coming winter?

While you’re fertilizing, rake up fall leaves. Leaves and other debris that sit on top of your lawn all winter trap moisture, reduce air circulation, and block sunlight from reaching the ground. The result can be dead spots and snow mold, a type of fungi that can kill grass and roots. You won’t know your lawn has snow mold until spring, when you see large pink or gray mold circles in your grass. To keep your lawn healthy as possible over the winter, rake leaves, fallen branches, and dead plants off your lawn before the snow flies.

Love Your Lawn with a Livingston County Lawn Care Company

Ready to give your lawn one last boost before winter?

Ever So Green is aiming to have all fertilizations completed by November 1st, 2023. Make sure you request a quote or call (517) 540-1100 to get started with our Livingston County lawn care company. We look forward to helping you prepare your lawn for winter!

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